“Mike Toth will defend the Constitution as written and not legislate from the bench. He has the right experience and qualifications and I’m confident he’ll serve on the court with distinction. I strongly endorse Mike Toth for Third Court of Appeals and urge Texans to vote for him.”

Governor Greg Abbott

“Justice Toth has the experience, intellect, and integrity that we need in our judges. I applaud Governor Greg Abbott for appointing him to the Third Court, and I urge voters to join me in helping to elect Justice Toth for a full term this November.”

Senator John Cornyn

“Michael Toth has a great legal mind, the highest ethical standards, and will serve the people of Texas as a justice on the 3rd Court of Appeals with dignity, dedication and brilliance. Justice Toth will remain true to the constitution and apply the law as it was enacted by the people’s representatives, not legislate from the bench.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton

“I applaud Governor Abbott for appointing Justice Toth to the Third Court. As a former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, I can state without reservation that Toth is highly-qualified for that critical court. He is impartial, hard-working, and is deeply committed to the rule of law.”

Former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court Wallace B. Jefferson

“Justice Toth has the experience and ability to succeed as an appellate justice from day one. He is a distinguished legal scholar with practical experience as a lawyer in the military, in government service, and in private law practice. He is an expert in the type of constitutional and regulatory issues that come to the Third Court of Appeals, and his strong work ethic and abiding respect for the rule of law ensure that he will bring that expertise to bear with fairness and impartial justice.”

Former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court Tom Phillips

Elected Officials

  • Greg Abbott
    Texas Governor
  • Ken Paxton
    Attorney General
  • Lamar Smith
    US Congressman
  • Charles Perry
    Texas State Senator
  • Matt Rinaldi
    Texas State Representative
  • Tom Oliverson
    Texas State Representative
  • Matt Schaefer
    Texas State Representative
  • Tim Von Dohlen
    Former Texas State Representative
  • Scott Brister
    Former Texas Supreme Court Justice
  • Tom Phillips
    Former Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court
  • Raul Gonzalez
    Former Texas Supreme Court Justice
  • Lon Shell
    Hays County Commissioner
  • Joe Don Dockery
    Burnet County Commissioner
  • Gerald Daugherty
    Travis County Commissioner
  • Larry Madsen
    Williamson County Commissioner
  • Lee Urbanovsky
    Buda City Council
  • Steve Smith
    Lakeway City Councilman-Elect
  • Gary Cutler
    Hays County Sheriff
  • Wallace B. Jefferson
    Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas
  • David Keltner
    Former Justice 2nd Court of Appeals

Conservative Leaders

  • Jonathan Saenz
    Texas Values Action, President
  • Texas Eagle Forum
  • Austin Tea Party
  • Alan Waldrop
    Former 3rd Court of Appeals Justice
  • Heather Liggett
    Founder and Past President of Austin Tea Party
  • David Cabrales
    General Counsel to Governor Rick Perry; Chairman of Texas Economic Development Corporation
  • Cathie Adams
    Past President of Texas Eagle Forum; Past Chairman of Republican Party of Texas
  • JoAnn Fleming
    Executive Director of Grassroots America-We the People
  • Tim Lambert
    President of Texas Home School Coalition
  • Bill Hussey
    Founder & Past President of Llano Tea Party
  • Julie McCarty
    President, NE Tarrant Tea Party
  • Josie Schoolcraft
    President, Cherokee County Texas Republican Club
  • Ivette Lozano MD
    Dallas County Republican Assembly President 2015-17
  • Don and Rene Poe
    President & Vice-President Hood County Conservatives
  • Don Zimmerman
    Former Austin City Council member
  • Sonja Harris
    Conservative Comal County Blogger and Activist
  • Marilyn Jackson
    Former Austin City Council Candidate and Host of The Trailer Park Show
  • Cindy Asmussen
    Texas Ethics & Religious Liberty Advisor*
  • Mike Cox
    Former Hays County GOP Chairman
  • George Pangborn
    President of the Highland Lakes Tea Party
  • Craig Cosgray
    Immediate Past President of the Highland Lakes Tea Party
  • Terri Hall
    Conservative Activist

*for identification purposes only

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